Swimming pool safety & water sampling

Every year, on average, 10-12 people drown in swimming pools in the United Kingdom.  Any drowning is a tragedy, more so since most could be prevented by better precautions by pool operators, greater care on the part of bathers or a combination of both.

Allerdale Borough Council sample swimming pools, spas and paddling pool water, which members of the public have access to, in the area for microbiological testing once a year. The samples are taken to Carlisle Public Health Laboratory for analysis.

It is recommended in guidance that the Proprietor arrange for such samples to be taken, once a month.

If unsatisfactory results are received by this department then the results are discussed with the Proprietor and appropriate remedial action is taken.

In addition, pool plant operators will be taking regular checks of the chemical content of the water.

Good record keeping is very important to the pool operator.  The reason for good record keeping, particularly for pool water records, can be driven by a number of factors:

  • The possibility of litigation, e.g cloudy water stated as a contributory factor to a serious accident;
  • The client/contractor relationship that may have served to increase accountability; or
  • It could simply be a good manager wishing to carry out his or her job better, recognising that customers expect a quality, healthy, enjoyable swimming experience.
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