Publication Scheme

The Publication Scheme sets out the information that the Council holds that we proactively make available to the public. The information in the scheme is grouped into classes and includes paper and electronic documents, items on the Internet, leaflets and reports. Allerdale Borough Council has adopted the Publication Scheme devised by the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO). Full details of the scheme can also be found on the ICO's website. The classes of information are:-

Some information contained in the documents may be exempt from disclosure under Section 40 of the Freedom of Information Act, or Regulation 13 of the Environmental Information Regulations. These exempt information from disclosure where the information is the personal information of identifiable individuals (as defined by the Data Protection Act). There is normally no charge for the information supplied under the Publication Scheme. However, there may be charges for some documents and/or to cover any costs such as printing and postage. 


In accordance with Section 11(1A) we shall publish datasets under our publication scheme. These shall be updated as appropriate. Datasets shall be made available:

  • If they meet the definition of a "dataset" as set down in Section 11(5) of the FOIA
  • In a re-usable machine readable format (ie CSV) where reasonably practicable (ie where costs are not prohibitive)
  • Under a non-chargeable Open Government License for the sections (in part or whole) which we own the copyright, even if the data is to be used for commercial purposes. Please cite "Allerdale Borough Council" as the source of the data.

Once published we shall publish updated versions of the dataset unless it is "not appropriate" to do so. Factors taken into account will be any exemptions, and the wider public interest of the particular set of data.

Please note that datasets shall be released in accordance with any exemptions which may apply to the data (such as Section 40, Personal Information).

Spatial environmental data can be found via our My Maps section and also online at .

Where we do not own the Copyright to some or all of the data, we shall provide details of the Copyright holder where this is known. There may be instances where datasets are disclosed for non-commercial use only, or a charge will be made for re-use. We shall inform you of this.

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