Re-Use of Public Sector Information Regulations

Material supplied in response to a request for information (such as under the Freedom of Information Act), is covered by copyright. Therefore before it can be reused, an application must be made under the Re-Use of Public Sector Information Regulations 2005.

Applying for a re-use license

All re-use requests must:

  • Be in writing
  • State name and address
  • Specify what information you want to re-use and for what purpose

Please use the electronic form shown at the bottom of this page or write to the council via the email shown. The Council will respond within 20 working days either by:

  • Making the requested document available for re-use
  • Offering conditions under which the information can be re-used, or
  • Refusing the request. And outlining any appeal procedures

'Click-Use' licenses

If you plan to re-use the information for not-for-profit purposes or for study then you can apply for our standard 'Click-Use' license. If you are applying for other purposes, then a charge may apply, and a different type of license may apply.

Read the terms and conditions of the free 'Click-Use' license and if you qualify, you can apply for this license. Alternatively, the standard terms and conditions for licenses that incur a fee are available here. These will vary depending on the charges that are set.

Charges and third-party copyright

The Regulations entitle the Council to charge for the cost of the collection, production, re-production and dissemination of the information, together with a 'reasonable return on investment'. If there is a charge we will inform you when you we receive the application.

We cannot grant a license for material which is copyrighted to a third-party organisation. You will have to get their permission before you can reuse this material.

Dissatisfied with the handling of your request for re-use?

Any complaints about your application follows our complaints procedure.

If you remain dissatisfied after going through our complaints procedure, then you may take your complaint to the Office of Public Sector Information (OPSI). All complaints must be registered with OPSI within 28 days of the result of your complaint with the Council.

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