Purple Bag scheme and paper recyclingPurple Bag recycling scheme

Allerdale Borough Council collects recycling directly from most households. Glass, metal cans and tins and plastic is collected in a purple bag. Green bins are used to collect paper and card. Collections are fortnightly. There are also a number of places where plastic, paper, metal and glass can be deposited for recycling. The Household Waste Recycling Centres also take this sort of waste.

What can I recycle in the purple bags?

Yes please Sorry, these cannot be included
All types/colours of glass bottles and jars Broken glass. Panes of glass, glass cooking pots, drinking glasses, light bulbs etc. These are different types of glass
All metal food cans, pet food cans (steel or aluminium) Plastic film (which tends to be lower-grade plastic); toothpaste tubes
Metal aerosol cans Tetrapaks

Plastic screw-top bottles (including cleaning products) - please remove the tops but put them in the bag too; plastic deodorant bottles and shampoo bottles,  

Paint pots, chemicals, explosives, wood, batteries, ink cartridges
Yoghurt pots and food trays Nappies

I've run out of purple bags

The crews will leave as many purple bags as they collect. If you need more then contact us on the number shown to the left of this page. 

When and where should I put my purple bags and green paper bin?

The bags should be placed out for collection at the front of your property by 7am on collection day.

This also applies to terraced properties even though the refuse may be collected from the lane. Placing the bags at the front will ensure residents receive any replacement bags they may need as well as making collections much more efficient.  

What can I put in the paper waste?

Please put any clean dry paper or card, envelopes, leaflets and newspapers in the paper waste bin for collection. Please don't put any items such as Tetrapaks or films nor any other waste such as food.

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