Recycling Trial

Beginning in mid-March, the Council is running a 12 week trial to determine a more efficient way to collect recycling in the borough, involving the use of three different receptacles. A select number of households have been chosen to participate to help us understand which method is most convenient for the user as well as which is best suited to the Council's needs.

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We currently use a green bin for paper and card, and purple bags to collect plastic, metal and glass. However, each year approximately two million of these bags are collected and because they cannot be recycled or re-used they end up in landfill. In addition, the annual cost to the Council for these purple sacks is approximately £50,000.

In order to identify the best means of collection and convenience to users of the service, participants will be supplied with a recycling box and a reusable sack to be used at different times during the 12 weeks, as well as their current green recycling bin.

We’re not planning on reducing the service in any way – just how we collect the recycling. To help us manage the trials effectively and accurately, we are only asking approximately 100 households from three different areas within the borough to take part. We can then use the feedback to help us decide on the most customer friendly, cost effective, and efficient way to collect your recycling.

It's important to note that no decision has been made as to what the final service will look like.

Residents are asked to use their recycling box from the day it is delivered. When the final collections using the box are completed, the box will be removed and replaced by a reusable sack. When the final collections of the trial are completed, the sack will be removed. After this date please revert to your original system using the purple sack for recycling plastic, glass and cans and your green bin for recycling paper and cardboard.

To avoid any confusion, the way that recycling is to be placed out for our crews is highlighted in the downloadable ‘what do I use and when?’ document at the bottom of the page.

The day of the week on which your recycling collections take place is not changing. Please continue to put your waste and recycling out by 7am as usual for collection. Please check your bin collection schedule, please visit

You can download a list of frequently asked questions from the downloadable documents at the bottom of this page, providing full details of the trial and what can be recycled.

If you require any additional boxes or reusable sacks please contact us on 01900 8786648.

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