Big Allerdale Switch

Fed up with high energy bills? Then join the Big Allerdale Switch!

The Big Allerdale Switch is an easy way to save money on your energy bills. By coming together as a group, you could get a better deal - and all the hard work is done for you.

The spring auction is now open!

Spring Auction 2018

Launch – Tuesday 3 April 2018

Registration deadline – Monday 21 May 2018

Auction – Tuesday 22 May 2018

You'll need details of your energy bills and consumption to sign up. Keep an eye on your emails (including your spam guard) for any correspondence.

The Big Allerdale Switch is part of the Big Community Switch, which is powered by iChoosr.

The video below shows how it all works.

Affordable Warmth and Energy Efficiency Advice

Practicing energy efficiency helps the planet by reducing the amount of harmful emissions released into the atmosphere. Simple measures can also reduce fuel bills and conserve heat, giving you a warmer home.

Worried about being able to pay your fuel bills?

If you are worried about being able to pay your fuel bills this winter you can call Cumbria Community Foundation on 01900 825760 and apply to their Winter Warmth Fund for financial help.

Prepare for winter

It is important to keep warm in winter - both inside and outdoors. Keeping warm over the winter months can help prevent colds, flu and more serious health problems such as heart attacks, strokes, pneumonia and depression.

Heat your home to at least 18°C (65°F). You might prefer your main living room to be slightly warmer.

Keep your bedroom window closed on winter nights. Because breathing in cold air can be bad for your health as it increases the risk of chest infections.

Keep active when you're indoors. Try not to sit still for more than an hour or so.

Wear several layers of light clothes.  Because they trap warm air better than one bulky layer.

Make sure you're receiving all the help you're entitled to.  If you're struggling to pay your fuel bill or worried how you're going to stay warm, the Home Heat Helpline can help. They can provide you with information on benefits and grants and give you advice on making your home more energy efficient.

Check your heating and cooking appliances are safe. Contact a Gas Safe registered engineer to make sure they're working safely.

Park Homes Warm Home Discount (WHD)

The Park Homes Warm Home Discount scheme is available to permanent park home residents, offering the opportunity to receive a one-off rebate of £140 towards electricity bills. Applications can be made online at or by calling 03303 801 040.

Energy Company Obligation (ECO)

You might be able to get help for energy saving improvements to your home if you own or privately rent. See for details.

Feed in Tariffs (FITs)

If you install an electricity-generating technology from a renewable or low-carbon source such as solar PV or wind turbine, the UK Government's Feed-in Tariffs scheme (FITs) could mean that you get money from your energy supplier.

You can be paid for the electricity you generate, even if you use it yourself, and for any surplus electricity you export to the grid. And you will also save money on your electricity bill, because you'll be using your own electricity. See for further details.

Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)

Under the UK Government’s domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme, you could receive quarterly cash payments over seven years if you install or have already installed an eligible renewable heating technology. See for further details.

Top Tips to Reduce your Energy Bills

Switch to direct debits and paperless billing

The cheapest way to pay your energy bills is by monthly Direct Debit. Many energy companies offer discounts to customers who agree to pay this way. Speak to your energy company to see if they provide such discounts.

Another way to cut down on your costs is with paperless billing. Again, many suppliers offer discounts if you agree to this. Instead of receiving bills in the post, you'll get email from your energy supplier and can manage your account and submit meter readings online.

This type of billing also has wider energy saving implications, cutting the paper needed to send out and pay bills by post.

Take regular meter readings

If your gas and electricity meters aren't read regularly, bills based on estimated readings mean you could end up paying for much more gas or electricity than you actually use. Reading your meter regularly and updating your energy supplier also enables you to keep track of what you're using and cut back if necessary.

Compare suppliers

Energy suppliers are all competing with each other, so switching suppliers can be a great way to cut your energy bills. According to gas and electricity regulator Ofgem, customers who switch both gas and electricity suppliers could stand to save more than £100 a year - but do your research before you make changes.

There are a number of comparison sites on the internet where you can find the suppliers offering the best prices and service. You can also compare green tariffs which allow customers to buy through schemes that use or invest in renewable energy sources.

It may also pay to look into dual fuel deals, where you get your gas and electricity from the same supplier. These often offer discounts and can work out cheaper.

Replace broken appliances with more efficient models

Investing in some Energy Saving Recommended products and Energy Saving Recommended lighting is a quick way to stop wasting energy and money. Making bigger changes to your home like installing insulation or buying a new boiler can give you even more significant savings. There are also grants and offers available for people who want to make their homes more energy efficient.

Insulate your home

Insulating cavity walls, lofts, tanks and pipes can give you significant savings on your heating bills as well as reducing CO2 emissions. Even simple draught proofing to fill the gaps around your windows can help.

Fit energy saving glazing

It can save you around £140 per year in heating costs, as well as 720 kilograms of CO2.

Consider a condensing boiler

These boilers are the most energy efficient on the market and upgrading to a condensing boiler and full heating controls could save up to £235 per year.

Generate your own energy

If you've done everything above, why not consider renewable energy? Renewable energy technologies like solar panels, wind turbines, and wood fuelled heaters are becoming increasingly popular. These are effective alternatives to fossil fuels and will help you to meet your own energy requirements and reduce your home CO2 emissions.

Home Energy Conservation Act Reports

As an English Energy Conservation Authority, Allerdale Borough Council is required under the Home Energy Conservation Act 1995 to submit a ‘further report’ and progress reports to the Government on issues relating to energy efficiency in the Borough. The six districts of Cumbria have prepared a joint ‘further report’ which is available to view in the downloadable documents section below.

Downloadable Documents

All documents open in a new window.
File nameSizeApproximate Download time
Adobe PDF format - download the viewerHome Energy Conservation Act Report 2013 in PDF format291 Kb42 secs @ 56k, 1 sec @ 2mb
Adobe PDF format - download the viewerHome Energy Conservation Act Progress Report 2015 in PDF format431 Kb1 min 2 secs @ 56k, 2 secs @ 2mb

Get Adobe Acrobat ReaderDownload Acrobat PDF Reader (external website). Acrobat PDF Reader allows you to view PDF files.

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