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We are committed to supporting festivals and events in the borough, for the benefit of residents and visitors alike.

As an event organiser, you are responsible for the planning, organisation and operation of your event. The following information and links are here to help support and advise organisers of festivals and events to plan, prepare and safely manage their events ensuring that they have everything in place that needs to be. This includes things like health and safety and risk assessments, as well as obtaining the relevant permissions and licences, where necessary.

When organising your festival or event, you should consider its location and the impact that it will have on the surrounding area.

Safely managing my festival or event

To ensure that your festival or event is safely run, we recommened that you read the following information and have the correct licences in place.

Other useful information can be found at:

Funding your festival or event

  • Apply to Allerdale festival and events fund
  • Explore other sources of funding

Marketing your festival or event

Evaluating your festival or event

Training opportunities for people organising festival and events

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