Occupation of a building following building work

All projects that are covered by the Building Regulations need to be inspected by the Building Control body who are carrying out Building Control on the project. In most cases this will be the Local Authority in whose area the project is taking place.

If the building is to be occupied before it is completed, you must tell us at least five days before occupation takes place so we can inspect it.  An incomplete building should only be occupied if the main Health & Safety works have been completed. These include checking:

  • the drinking water supply
  • there are adequate toilet, bath and sink facilities
  • that all necessary drainage in position and working satisfactorily
  • that structural fire protection is complete
  • that the means of escape in case of fire provided and also that access and facilities for the fire service are complete – including any fire alarms and emergency lighting
  • that the building is structurally adequate
  • that any safety rails and barriers are fitted and adequate 
  • that all safety glazing is installed where it is needed in doors and windows
  • that any electrical systems are installed, tested and certification provided before being made live
  • that any heating appliances including boilers have been properly commissioned
  • any unventilated hot water heating and storage system has been properly commissioned

Copies of the relevant commissioning certificates together with details of the credentials of the commissioning engineers should be available on site.

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