Statutory register - street naming and numbering

Street Naming and Numbering is a statutory function. The relevant powers of local authorities are contained in Sections 64 and 65 of the Towns Improvement Clauses Act 1847 and Section 17, 18 and 19 of the Public Health Act 1925. This legislation requires the Local Authority to prepare street naming and numbering schemes and to maintain a good standard of street nameplates. It also has powers to re-name and re-number properties and streets where this is considered to be necessary. Both are essential for the efficient functioning of postal and emergency services as well as for the convenience and safety of the general public. The council is also responsible for issuing new addresses for property conversions. A definitive record of all the property addresses and street names in Allerdale is maintained in the Councils Local Land and Property Gazetteer (LLPG).

Can I name my house without contacting the Council?

If a property is already numbered, a property owner can additionally name their property without contacting the Council as long as it does not conflict with an existing property name in that locality.  The property name in this case will not officially form part of the property address, and the property number must still be displayed and referred to in any correspondence; for example:

"My House" (not part of official address)
1 My Road (official address)

You only need to seek permission from the Council if there is no number allocated in the official address (i.e. if the property has been allocated a name as part of its official address).

How do I name my house?

In the case of addresses where there is no number allocated, the allocated name does form part of the official address.  In this instance property owners wishing to change the property name need to put their request in writing, stating their name, the present full address of the property and state clearly their new preferred name.

We will contact Royal Mail to see if they have knowledge of a similar named property in the locality.  We check our information systems and if the name is satisfactory, then the new address is registered and you will be informed accordingly.  If there is an issue with your preferred name, we will request alternatives.

The property name change information is then sent to Royal Mail, Emergency and Essential Services and other relevant Council Services.  It is the responsibility of property owners to inform their own personal contacts etc.

Developing a single property/small development How do I number properties?

Individual properties are generally built on infill land, Large gardens or on a site of previously demolished properties. These will be numbered within the existing sequence if possible or house names will be used if necessary. Where building takes place on the site of a demolished property, the new building will inherit the existing number.

Developing a large estate How do I name new streets and number properties?

If you are a developer of a large estate, you should contact us as soon as you commence work on site so that we can process the naming of any new street and the numbering of your new properties without delay. We will check your suggested street names for duplication in the local area and forward them to Local Councils and Royal Mail for consultation. The name should not duplicate an existing name and should have an historical connection to the site.

When we have an agreed name, we will then register the street name/s and prepare a numbering schedule. The details will be registered on the LLPG and this information is then allocated to public utilities, emergency services, Land Registry, and Ordinance Survey. The following council departments will also be notified: Contract Services, Democratic Services, Land Charges and Council Tax.

What happens if a street needs renaming/renumbering?

On rare occasions it becomes necessary to rename or renumber a street.  This is usually only done as a last resort when:

  • There is confusion over a street's name and/or numbering
  • A group of residents are unhappy with their street name
  • New properties are built in a street and there is a need for other properties to be renumbered to accommodate the new properties
  • The number of named-only properties in a street is deemed to be causing confusion for visitors, the delivery or emergency services.

Existing residents will be contacted and their views taken into account. We will then consult the Royal Mail for their position on the issue. To change a street name we will ballot the local residents on the issue. Hopefully there will be 100% support, but we require at least a two-thirds majority to make the change. This is a very time consuming process and we are only able to progress one of these issues at any time.

Scale of Charges for Street Naming and Numbering:

New Properties

New individual property


New Street

£145 for the first 10 units and £8 per unit thereafter

Redevelopment of existing building


Alteration in either street name or property re numbering of a development after initial street name and numbering has been undertaken.

£145 for the first 10 units and £8 per unit thereafter.

Confirmation of postal address to solicitors or conveyances.


New Build Flats £96 + £14 per unit

Existing Properties and Changes of Use

Change of existing house name


Adding an alias to a numbered property


Change of building name, flats etc

£96 + £14 per unit

Request for street name change

£240 + £48 per property

Request for street numbering where none existed

£240 + £48 per property

Sub division of existing building into individual units

£48 + £14 per property


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