Disabled parking

Public car parks

Within the whole of the Borough a Blue Badge user may park free of charge provided that their vehicle is parked only and wholly in a clearly marked bay - whether this is a specific 'disabled' bay or a normal bay that is available to the general public.

Irrespective of Blue Badge concessions the Council will not tolerate any parking on any of its laid-out car parks which is otherwise than in a bay.

The Council will always strictly penalise any 'Blue Badge' related contravention in the same way that it would penalise any other contravention and in this respect it has the full support of the Allerdale Disability Association.

The time that a properly authorised badge holder may park is normally up to 3 hours except at Workington's Town Centre Car Parks (Udale Street and Ladies Walk) which are closely located by Marks & Spencers and the shopping precinct, where the maximum stay is only 2 hours.

All badge holders must display their badge of authority and a time clock that shows the time of arrival.
If a Disabled Badge is unreadable due to age or tampering or is over three years old it may not be accepted and if in doubt the motorist should pay when using a 'Pay and Display' Car Park.

Each town has a limited number of specific disabled bays properly marked and when these are occupied a badge holder may use any other 'public' bay.

In each town a small number of bays may either be marked with 'numbers' or with the word 'Reserved'. Such bays are not available for the general public (and hence badge holders too).

How to apply for a blue badge

The Blue Badge Scheme provides parking concessions for disabled people with severe mobility problems who have difficulty using public transport. Cumbria County Council administers the Blue Badge scheme for Cumbria residents. To find out if you qualify and to apply for a blue badge please see Car badges (Cumbria County Council website).

Private car parks

Disabled badge concessions do not always apply on private car parks. Allerdale Borough Council manages car parks on behalf of private landowners where there are no concessions or where these are restricted.    It is important to check to establish whether concessions apply - this information will usually be shown on entrances signs, notice boards or at the pay and display machines.  Concessions do not apply or are limited at South Quay and Irish Street, Maryport; Vulcans Lane, Workington; Rawnsley Hall, Keswick Rugby Ground and Booths Store, Keswick .

Parking in pedestrian areas

This is not generally available in Allerdale.

Your duties as a badge holder

  • The purpose of the scheme is to allow you to visit shops and other places and you should use it with care and attention to the rules.
  • Please consult the Blue Badge Scheme leaflet to ensure that you understand how to use the badge correctly.

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