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Allerdale Borough Council actively strives to support social inclusion by endeavouring to make their web site as accessible as reasonably possible to all users. In no way does this authority, or its partners, seek to deliberately discriminate against computer users with visual impairment or other conditions that limit accessibility through its website services.

Due to the graphic intensive nature of our mapping service, geographic information and the maps within the borough cannot be displayed in an accessible format, as defined by current guidelines. In addition to the visualisation of maps, the use of colours to differentiate maps features is also used.  If you would like to access this information in an alternative format please contact


Allerdale Borough Council strive to ensure that the information contained within its mapping service is as accurate and up to date as possible The geographic information contained within the mapping service is advisory and designed to inform users what is relevant at specific locations. Allerdale Borough Council cannot accept any responsibility for any interpretation and users are encouraged to contact the relevant council departments or outside agencies on any legal implications such as Planning, Building Control or conveyance.  Should you have any queries on the information displayed please contact


We have tested this website against multiple browsers and remain committed to making it available to as many users as possible. We are always seeking ways to improve our mapping site, if you have any suggestions for improvement, please email us at

Licence restrictions

This mapping service is subject to license agreements that the authority currently has with a number of agencies. In particular the Mapping Services Agreement with Ordnance Survey will preclude the ability to print quality base maps for non council business. If you require OS maps of a specific area these are commercially available from a number of service providers including Ordnance Survey. Our current strategic partners for the provision of commercial maps can be contacted at

Mapping types

There are two types of mapping services available through the website. The My Property service is designed to provide information on a property and its immediate environment. The  Maps service is designed to provide mapping data on a property and its vicinity to other features such as find my nearest and to services. The operation and to an extent the functionality of both is designed to be similar and uses common symbols and processes.

My Property

My Property is designed to show the environment based upon a verified property


  • Conservation Area
  • Listed Building
  • British Coal Area
  • Area of Outstanding Natural beauty
  • Flood Zone
  • Historic Parks and Gardens
  • Landscapes of County Importance
  • National Nature Reserve
  • Site of special scientific interest
  • Special Protection Areas


  • Ward and Councillor details

Useful information

  • Formal address and Unique Property Reference Number (UPRN)
  • Council tax Reference and Band
  • Refuse collection


  • Find My Nearest – Car parks, recycling, schools and colleges, leisure centres, libraries, tourist information centres


  • Details of planning applications within a defined area from the property

Useful links

  • Councillor details – for full contact details and profile of the councillors
  • Flood Zone – Environment Agency link for details of current flood risks and warnings
  • Local Neighbourhood and services – Upmystreet website for a socio-economic profile and list of tradesmen
  • Crime and Disorder stats – Home office website
  • Allerdale Map – a link to the other Maps service

Allerdale maps

Allerdale Maps is designed to provide a more generalised mapping service, initially based upon a specific location.

  • Find My Nearest – displays from a defined distance a selected service. By selecting a specific service from a drop down list the location of that service can be displayed together with the address
  • Zooming in and out – A map displayed at a smaller scale (zoom out) shows less detail and smaller map features but covers a larger area. A map displayed at a larger scale shows more detail and larger map features but covers a smaller area. Zoom is adjusted by use of the + or – buttons or the use of a graduated slide. Either of which adjusts the map width and consequently the scale.
  • Pan – Panning buttons / arrows are displayed to enable the map to be moved in defined directions.
  • Address Search – Enables a property to be located by entering an address or part of an address, or any combinations of address components such as property name, number, street or postcode. The address records are maintained in a Property Gazetteer and are maintained to national addressing standards (BS7666). If you are unable to locate a property that you know exists please contact
  • Navigation – by using a combination of the zoom and panning tools it is also possible to navigate around the borough to provide mapping within the confines of the council borough. Licence restrictions limit the display of maps to within the council boundary.
  • Information – Information can be displayed as to the parish and ward and councillor details.
  • Print – a simplified provision to print the map is provided subject to the licence restrictions.

Further Help

For further information or assistance please contact or the GIS Officer at Allerdale Borough Council, Allerdale House, Workington, Cumbria, CA14 3YJ.

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