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This is a user guide for our interactive maps.

Main menu tabs

Along the top of the mapping section menu are tabs which display information about the location you have chosen:

  • My House - shows useful information about the area your property is in. This includes council services with details relevant to your area such as bin collection dates and who your councillors are. 'My house' also provides links for you to report a problem in your area or check your council tax details.
  • My Nearest - displays a list of useful services and organisations that are near to your property, such as doctors, schools, recycling centres and playgrounds, with information about each. Just click on the heading of the category you are interested in, e.g Amenities or Health to see all of the services grouped under that category.
  • Development - displays a list of building control and planning applications in your area. Click on either 'Planning applications' or 'Building Control Register' to expand the lists. Each application has a 'show on map' link which displays a site outline of the area that the application has been made for.
  • Environment - provides useful environmental information that could affect your property such as if it is in a flood zone, conservation area or if your property is listed.
  • My Maps - shows a detailed map of the area around your property.

Choosing a location

If no location is chosen, the My Maps tab shows a default location and the other tabs display no information. To find a location, enter part of the address or the postcode into the 'search for a location' box which is displayed underneath the main tabs. A list will appear showing locations which match the details you have entered.

If the list has too many entries, type more of the address or postcode to narrow it down and then click on the location you want from the list under the search box.

To find a new location, click the 'change' button on the right-hand side of the blue location search bar and search again.

To clear the current location completely, just click the 'reset page' button on the right underneath the blue location search bar.

Map location search box and menu tabs

Using My Maps

The map shown under the My Maps tab is designed to be simple to use. it is made up of two parts: the blue menu panel on the left and the map itself. If you have set a location, this will be highlighted in the centre of the map with a blue and red pin icon.

Map controls

Map navigation direction arrows

In the top left corner are directional arrows, click on these to move the map. Alternatively, position your mouse cursor anywhere over the map then hold down the left mouse button and drag it.


Map navigation zoom control

Underneath the directional arrows is the zoom control which has plus and minus buttons. Click on the plus to zoom in or the minus to zoom out. Alternatively, double-click with the left mouse button anywhere on the map to zoom in on that area.

In the top right corner of the map are two buttons labelled 'Ordnance Survey' and 'Aerial'. To begin with,the map is displayed in Ordnance Survey mode, as a traditional drawn map. Clicking on 'Aerial' changes the map display to a photographic one showing the terrain as it really looks from the air.





Map side panel

The map side panel to the left of the map lets you choose from sets of information and services which are then highlighted on the map. You can find the information by clicking on the 'search' or 'find nearest' menu headings in the side panel then entering the information you are looking for or by clicking 'show map categories'.

Map navigation side panel

'Show map categories' displays a list of available information categories. Just click on the 'plus' sign to see all of the entries for a category. To the right of each entry is a tick box. Click on one of these and the relevant information will be highlighted in it's location on the map using icons or coloured layers.

This is very useful for viewing services, amenities and planning applications in your area along with many more points of interest. It is worth looking through all of the categories as we will continue to add to them.

You can then hover over any of the icons / coloured layers shown on the map and a box with further information on that selection will appear. If you have ticked an item in the side panel map categories but cannot see any of the icons appearing on the map, you may need to zoom out or move the map around.

Mapping guidelines and usage restrictions

Please see mapping guidelines for map accessibility information, licence restrictions and data accuracy disclaimer.

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